Scala has been manufacturing clothing and lingerie for 50 years. It has two state-of-the-art factories in Brazil, and is possibly the largest clothing manufacturer in South America.


Valentine’s Day celebrates the loving union between couples. It is common to exchange gifts and cards with symbolism of the same order, such as the traditional gift-boxes, roses, hotel room packages, restaurant meals, etc. In Brazil, this day is celebrated on June 12th.

Scala will rename “Valentine’s Day” and create “Passion’s Day.”

Passion’s Day will be a day of love, not only for couples but also for everyone who feels passionate and romantic and wants to experiment / feel / share their passion. To celebrate this day Scala colors the main public water fountain of the biggest Brazilian city, spreading rose petals on top of the water. Scala produces an annual art event that transforms part of the town into an open, passionate spectacle. All of Scala’s boutiques will be painted red. Clients can purchase a kit consisting of lingerie, rose petals and magic powder to color the water red.